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You can support Orange Literacy in a number of ways. Please consider one (or more) of the following opportunities.

*Note: Orange Literacy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  Donations are tax deductible.

Become a “Friend of Literacy”

Friends of Literacy are critical to our financial well-being. By joining Friends of Literacy, you can help us to continue to provide learning materials and free tutoring services to the many adult learners we serve throughout Orange County.

  • Donate by check: Make your check out to: Orange Literacy, 307 W. Weaver Street, Carrboro, NC  27510

  • Donate online: Make one-time or recurring donations online through Give Lively.

Give Us Your Reward Points

Donate the bonus points you receive through your credit cards. American Express, for instance, offers participating members the opportunity to redeem Rewards Points by donating them to eligible non-profits. Donations are tax deductible. For American Express go to its website. Check with your credit or debit card companies to see how to enroll in their similar programs.

Donate Educational or Office Supplies

Donated office supplies and materials, such as spiral-bound notebooks, 3-ring binders, pencils, pens, calculators, and paperback dictionaries can help make learning more affordable for Orange Literacy students on limited budgets. We welcome donations of all kinds of supplies, including (but never limited to) reams of paper, envelopes, flip charts, and markers. To donate educational or office supplies, please contact us at (919) 914-6153.

Fundraising Independently on Behalf of Adult Literacy

Have a little fun on our behalf! We welcome businesses, civic groups, churches, volunteer organizations, or just groups of friends organizing events, to raise funds for Orange Literacy. Dog washes, read-a-thons, Monopoly tournaments… whatever works. We ask only that you let us know about and approve the event in advance, and that we be released from any liability incurred in organizing or operating the event. (Those Scrabble players can get a little wild).

Honor a Friend by Donating to Literacy

Finally — a gift for friends or family members with an over-abundance of “things.” Instead of competing to buy the perfect gift, celebrate their next birthday, holiday or anniversary by making a donation, in their name, to Orange Literacy. We’ll send a note of appreciation outlining the use of the gift donated in their honor, and include both your names in our list of “Friends.”

Sponsor a Program or Event

Support Orange Literacy – and literacy – through annual and event sponsorships.  We highlight our sponsors in both online and in print. We offer the following sponsorship opportunities:

  • Writers for Readers – Our annual book and author event, featuring nationally and internationally acclaimed authors.  The perfect mix of novelists, humorists and historians.

Matching Gifts

Many employees are surprised to learn that their employer may match the gift that they donate to support adult literacy. Ask your employer if they will match donations to non-profits. Many companies may even double the match of the employee’s gift depending on the amount and non-profit.

Encourage Your Church or Synagogue to Support Literacy

If your church or synagogue has a mission rooted in community development or social justice, they may be looking for ways to donate their time and financial resources. Fighting illiteracy is a perfect fit. Because so many other societal problems stem from illiteracy, helping people learn to read, write, understand math and prepare for their GEDs will benefit our entire community.

Donate Stocks

Making a gift of stock is a powerful way to help Orange Literacy while realizing important tax benefits for yourself. Contact us at to find out mor or download our stock gift here. 

By giving stock, you give more. When you donate stock that has appreciated for more than a year, you're actually giving 20% more¹ than selling that same stock and donating cash.

Join Our Legacy Giving Society 

Your gift is your commitment to literacy for all.  Planned giving is a way for you to make a financial gift to Orange Literacy as part of your overall financial and estate planning.

Read more about planned giving here.

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