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Elizabeth Corredor, Winter Celebration 2015

My name is Elizabeth.  I am from Colombia.

I arrived in North Carolina in March this year with my husband “Willie” and my two children. Daniel is 17 and Andres he is 8. We live in Chapel Hill.  Daniel and Andres are studying in their schools, I dedicate my time to caring for them and meeting their needs at home as mom, but since someone has to work in this family my husband does In order to progress in English my husband and I began to study at Orange Literacy in June and now we are here just speaking a little in this new language and learning from the new culture that surrounds us.

Elizabeth Corredor speaking at the Winter Celebration in December 2015.

Studying at Orange County Literacy Council has been a great experience, because we have high quality and generous teachers. They’re so dedicated to helping us to express our ideas in the best way in English.

We have the support of the entire management team especially Candice our Program Coordinator for ESOL. We have no excuse not to be successful in the goals that we set, because we have the backing of an organization that is committed to our willingness to study and supports us in our need to express ourselves correctly in all areas.

My personal experience is that I often feel the difficulty of learning English and negativity  wants to invade my mind, I know that If I stay on focus and remain positive I can achieve my goals.

Today I invite you, to move forward and not lose focus on the target.  Although you may not see progress as you’d like, step by step you will see that you understand more and more when someone speaks to you in English.  Also, you’ll see that every day you can express your ideas more easily and in a short time your efforts will pay off. You will succeed!

Thanks tutors and Orange Literacy for your support.


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