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Tom Gibson Honored with 2024 Governor's Volunteer Service Award

Tom Gibson has received a 2024 Governor's Volunteer Service Award for his work with Orange Literacy.

Since 2016, Tom has volunteered in nearly all of our programs and supported Orange Literacy through several changes. He started as a volunteer ESOL instructor for two small groups of adult learners at varying levels.

Tom helped build a computer lab - from nothing - in a small trailer at the Orange County Correctional Center and continued to support the adult learners with basic computer instruction.

Tom helped the OL move to our current location. In July 2018, he made numerous trips, packing his truck and delivering boxes and furniture to our new office. In 2019, Tom continued to teach for the ESOL program at different site locations in Orange County.

He started tutoring for the ABE/GED program and currently tutors three adult learners one-on-one. These students vary in level and academic goals. It is important to Tom for students to never see themselves as “less than” due to their lack of language or literacy skills. Many of our adult learners suffer from low self-esteem and can often feel invisible in our community. Tom sees them. He finds what they are most interested in and supports their learning.

Congratulations Tom, for all your hard work and constant dedication to our students!


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