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We work with a number of projects in the area to stay involved in our community and give our students the best opportunities we can. These collaborations enable us to provide a diverse range of programs and services tailored to meet the unique needs of our learners. Our community partners also help us to create enriching experiences for our students, such as job training, cultural events, and volunteer opportunities. Through these efforts, we strive to build a strong, interconnected community where everyone has the chance to succeed and thrive.

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

The Campaign is a collaborative effort by foundations, nonprofit partners, business leaders, government agencies, states and communities across the nation to ensure that more children in low-income families succeed in school and graduate prepared for college, a career, and active citizenship. The Campaign focuses on an important predictor of school success and high school graduation—grade-level reading by the end of third grade. We work with families, schools, and childcare services to help children reach this important literacy benchmark.

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance is a unified voice for home broadband access, public broadband access, personal devices and local technology training and support programs. At Orange Literacy, we help our students increase their digital literacy to more easily use computers in their everyday lives.

Church World Services

Church World Services assists in the process of applying for citizenship through legal and logistical advisement. We at Orange Literacy provide English language instruction and citizenship-related ESOL classes. 

The North Carolina Engagement and Leadership Coalition

The Coalition for Family Engagement and Leadership seeks to better the collaborative relationship between parents and early childhood systems, programs, providers, family caregivers, and community service providers to promote positive, enduring change for children, families, and communities. Through the Coalition, families have access to a year-long workshop to assist parents in increasing their access to resources which aid in raising their children in a nurturing environment. Orange Literacy helps these parents by teaching about the importance of at-home literacy, as well as providing educational services to parents.

GED Courses through Alamance Community College and the University of North Carolina

We work with both Alamance Community College and the University of North Carolina to provide our students with GED preparation courses. Students attend classes through these institutions while also having tutoring options available to them through Orange Literacy.

Orange County Correctional Center GED Program

We work with the Orange County Correctional Center to help inmates prepare for GED testing. Our volunteers visit the Correctional Center to tutor inmates multiple times a week.

Carol Woods Retirement Community GED/ABE Tutoring

Carol Woods Retirement Community employs a number of our students and houses a number of our tutors. The residents and employees work together on GED preparation and Adult Basic Education as a part of their community living.

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